“A poor coach informs; a good coach explains; an excellent coach demonstrates; a great coach asks inspiring questions; a masterful coach creates the perfect space for miracles to occur.” Rich Litvin – The Prosperous Coach 

Bright Life Coaching is for those who want to create a life they truly love through finding clarity around their next steps and building the momentum to move forward. You might be at a transition point e.g.

  • a career change or
  • a change in life circumstances (e.g. children starting school or university; retirement)
  • about to complete a course of study but have hit a block and feel the need to get unstuck
  • feeling directionless having achieved your goals, and wanting to discover what else awaits you that will allow you to live a fulfilling life once again;
  • or it might be that you know what your next step is but feel unable to move past it, towards your desired outcome.

My strengths-based coaching approach is designed to empower you to see what was previously out of view and to take the necessary action to close the gap between where you are and your even brighter life.

I have inspiring questions; 
you have insightful answers.
Together, we can create the perfect space for transformation to occur … 
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