"I believe a more conscientious, talented, professional, generous and empathetic coach would be very hard to find.” Client BH, Interior Designer

Jennifer Bright

Hi, Let me tell you a little about myself.  
I am a Certified Life Coach, having trained with the Institute of Leadership and Management whilst working as a teacher educator in the Higher Education sector.
In that career, I successfully coached colleagues to help them recognise their existing professional strengths and areas of expertise in teaching, and to identify what and where they wished to develop; I helped them close the gap between where they were and where they wished to be. 
It’s now my job, and my joy, to work as a Life Coach, inspiring individuals to thrive, to recognise their strengths and fulfill their potential – whether personal or professional.
Prior to working in academic development, I’ve variously taught, or trained others to teach, English for academic purposes, English to speakers of other languages (ESOL), cross-cultural awareness and written and spoken communication. I’ve also been a trainer in conflict resolution and mediation, and have led informal groups in mindfulness practices. 
The path hasn’t always felt smooth; in fact, it’s felt positively rocky at times – as if life were throwing boulders in my way – such as the painful time I failed my first year exams and was ‘asked’ to leave; the sudden passing of a dear friend and former flatmate when only in his 30s; the passing of my own mother at the age of 64; redundancy, not to mention riding the twists and turns of relationships.  In addition to these life hurdles which we all experience some version of, there were choices to make and points of stuckness to overcome e.g. when anxieties and doubts threatened to derail the completion of my Masters dissertation. These experiences, and others,  have prompted me to discover and adopt  perspectives and practices that I find essential to navigate through and beyond life’s challenges.  It’s because of experiences such as these that I’m able to empathise with clients, and have a wide range of tools to draw upon.
I’m passionate about empowering individuals to realise their potential and to live as bright and as fulfilling a life as they can conceive of.  My vision is that as each person experiences greater fulfillment and satisfaction, living a brighter life, we’ll all be of greater benefit not just to ourselves, but also to those in our personal, professional and wider communities.
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