Life Coaching Services

Whether you are a mature student or an established professional struggling to take the next professional step or find your calling, my strengths-based life coaching modalities are designed to empower you. 

Life Coaching for personal fulfilment

Do you find yourself saying: Life is good but I know there’s more? Do you feel a calling towards greater fulfilment, a brighter life,  but want clarity about where the light is for you? Or perhaps you know what your mission is but you’re experiencing some resistance or challenges in realising it.

You might be at a transition point, perhaps for example: 

  • be about to go to or leave university;
  • be contemplating a mid-career change;
  • have children about to start school or leave home;
  • be considering a mid-career change and pondering what’s next.

Or you could be longing to re-discover your joie de vivre or restore balance to your life.

Life Coaching for professional development

You might be a teacher or lecturer performing successfully in your day job but finding it challenging to complete a course of study (e.g. a PgCAP; a HEA Fellowship application; a research paper).

You might be a doctoral researcher needing to complete your dissertation, or a professional in any field following a course of study for your continuing professional development (CPD). 

Perhaps you’ve hit a point of stuckness and have found yourself unable to navigate through or around it.

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