SD Pronunciation and Voice Coach

"Jennifer has a lot of integrity; she set up a very safe and contained space for me. Her questions are thoughtful and insightful and she has a very special listening and reflection ability. As a result of our session, I realised that ... I had stopped living from a place of my achievements. This has been fundamental in helping me progress towards my future goals."    

NK Schools Project Instructor

"Jennifer is a very empathetic coach who listened and helped me deal with my frustrations with myself around completing my coaching diploma. She gave me time to think and process what I needed to do. She opened my eyes to the possibility that the paperwork, which I'd dreaded and put off for as long as possible, could actually be enjoyable and part of the learning. I can’t believe it took me 4 years but I’ve now achieved  it - with Merit."

BH Interior Designer (Retired)

"I believe a more conscientious, talented, professional, generous and empathetic coach would be very hard to find."

AL University Lecturer and doctoral candidate

"You’ve helped me get through some major hurdles, sort through bundled thoughts and emotions, and enabled me to find … order, and even ‘joie de vivre’."

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